Food for the trout anglers soul!

New Zealand is without a doubt the fly fishing capital of the world. In fact I would describe fly fishing in the beautiful country as “Food for the trout angler’s soul”.
This winter fed up with the difficult season we had just had in the UK. A good friend, Lewis Hendrie, and I decided to follow our dreams and take a trip out there. Although the fishing was not the easiest it was fantastic and I can only describe the experience as the trip of a life time.
We spent a month traveling by car around both the North and South Island we caught some amazing fish. I found the best fishing to be when we could get into the real wilderness areas well beyond the footprints if other anglers. We arrived on the north island on the 8th of February and slowly worked our way down to the South. Our trip was timed to coincide with the cicada hatch, which we were lucky enough to do. This meant that most of the time we were able to catch fish on the surface using dry flies although the actual patterns were much bigger than those we would use here in the UK. When we did have to fish with nymphs by far the most successful was the ‘Hare and Copper’ in size 12 and 14.
My advice to any angler visiting New Zealand for the first time would be to hire a reputable guide at least for the first few days.
If you do decide to visit NZ I wish you Best Fishes and Tight Lines
Frank Williams

If you would like to see some of the picture we took have a look at the albums on my Facebook Page or flow the links below to the individual albums.

The Wilds of new Zealand

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