Fly Fishing Testimonials

Recent feedback and comments from clients.

Steve Percy via email

Hi Frank

Many thanks for a great day’s fishing. I learnt more on Saturday than I have watching lots of videos and reading lots of books. Fishing those turbulent pots and runs was the first lesson. I would have passed these over after a cast or two and thought them impossible to fish. The French nymphing technique is something else! It looked so easy when you fished it, but lots more to learn as I discovered on the Sunday. I caught one nice fish about a pound and then lost a belter in a heavy run — again, somewhere I wouldn’t have fished previously. The fish tore line off the reel and then dived under a ledge. I ended up breaking the tippet, but at least I had got down to a decent fish and hooked it in the first place. Fenni Fach is a lovely beat and so secluded, but not easy for someone forced to cast off their left shoulder.

I’m out of those heavy nymphs you gave me. Would you mind making me ten of the heavier ones. I’m more than happy to pay the price you quoted, if you have the time. And would you mind just listing the materials including the type of hooks and size of tungsten beads and I’ll have a shot at making them up.

Off to Somerset this weekend for Easter with family. Will take the rod and practice those loops without trying to break the rod! I’m also converted to the perfection loop and water knots!

Thanks again Frank — have a happy Easter, and hopefully we can hook up again.


Rob Wreyford via email

Awesome 3 days thank you Frank My mind is still racing over just how much I learnt over the last 3 days, feels like a lifetime of experience on the river in just a few days. And has it transferred to my fishing!

  Adam Stafford via Email

People often call themselves experts, when sometimes they just aren’t. Frank is a TRUE expert. Not only does that man know the River Usk and Wye like the back of his hand – the man thinks like a fish! He is a passionate fisherman that lives and breathes the sport. Frank is talented at finding fish but more importantly he knows how to guide. He knows when to step back (when you cast the 3rd fly into the bush behind you), he knows when to offer advice, he knows when to step in and importantly, when not to. I would recommend Frank to anyone; beginner or seasoned fly fisher – it’s worth every penny. Thanks Frank for a great day out!

Angela and Francis via letter

Frank, thank you for a fascinating and enjoyable weekend Angela and Francis

Bob Brookes via email

Hi Frank. Many thanks for Saturday, it was an excellent day and a very decent result; my best brownie so far. I look forward to seeing the photos; let me know what you thought of the upper stretch.

  Jason Bishop Via email

Hi Frank, Thank you for my lesson yesterday I had a great day and the fish tasted good as well. I am looking forward to going again. (beginners lesson at Woolaston Court)

Andy (& Felicity) Parrott via email

Dear Frank, Many thanks for an excellent weekend of fly fishing at the Gliffaes. I really learned a lot from your instructions, and would also like to thank you personally for your patience in sticking with me during the Sunday morning… and changing the fly weights until I eventually caught a fish. As you said at the time – you will always remember your first – and I will certainly never forget that splendid trout! It was also excellent that you were able to take a few photos – it was so beautiful with all those amazing colours in the sunlight. So many thanks again – and if you could forward the photos you took – that would be truly appreciated. With best wishes – Andy (& Felicity) Parrott

Ralph via email

Hi Frank, You may remember that you looked after our fishing group, staying at Caer Beris Manor, last year in early June, the “Old Trouts” – Michael, Howard, Ralph, John, Brian and Mike. We enjoyed the location and your services so much that I am trying to organise for us to return this year rather than go somewhere else. Looking at your website you show the dates 3-5 June as busy, and this was the exact time we were looking to come. Just thought I should double check with you before a rethink. Best wishes, Ralph

Rierie via Youtube Channel

Well done chum! Well done chum!I give a lot of stick to fishermen on YouTube , who dont know what thyree doing, but that was brilliant-fish returned quickly, even though it was perfect eating size!- ie. put back big hen fish Please watch all young would-be fishermen-great example of how to fish and treat fish.

  Miles, Grayling fishing in Novermber

Just a quick note to thank you for yesterday. Even though conditions deteriorated a bit in the afternoon and weren’t quite what the morning had promised, Nick and I learned a great deal from you through the day and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. You have a very relaxed and approachable manner and your instructions and advice are always very clear and to the point. This not only makes you a highly effective and professional guide and teacher, it also means you are delightful company for a day’s fishing and learning. Here’s hoping we can catch up again sometime soon. Thank you again. Miles

Stuart via email

Hi Frank Catch returns as requested – 5 brownies, 4 grayling and Shad close encounter. I was back in front of my computer today but my mind kept drifting off to rising trout and those shad swimming past. For me it really was a memorable day and I’ve learned a lot. Stuart

Paul and Tim Polito via Email

Good morning Frank, Firstly, many thanks for giving Tim and myself such an enjoyable and instructive day on the river yesterday. We chatted a lot on the way home about how much we had learnt and how much we were looking forward to putting it into parctise in the not too distant future! I have given you a little ‘plug’ in my comments on our catch return – hope you dont mind. If you have time, we would much appreciate any photos from yesterday, which you think might grace our fishing books!. Once again many thanks for a great day. Kind regards,   Paul and Tim

Bernard Orr via email

Many thanks again for the day . I went to the Dee at Newbridge just north of Chirk , Oswestry . The following Tuesday and had another brilliant day thanks to your instructions on how and where to read the water , finishing up with 20 brown’s to 6 ins and 4 grayling to 12 ins all returned [ I’m a good boy], next I will return to the Dove above Ashbourne. I tried the 71/2 ft rod with the dt 4 not good so I put the wf 5 on it went like a rocket, 8 rod lengths no problems but as you say its a little to short for the larger rivers. Thank you again for the day . Bernard Orr

Peter Anderson via SMS

Thanks for yesterday Frank, really enjoyed it. Regards Peter

Simon Mchattie

Many thanks for a great day on the Usk. I got a lot out of the session and will be putting it all into practice soon – just booked my next visit to the Usk via WUF. I think you’ve got exactly the right approach for building confidence and imparting knowledge with newcomers to river fishing. I’m glad I made the investment in a day’s guiding & tuition, it has carried me a long way forward in a very short space of time.

Allan Philips

Hi Frank, Many thanks for a memorable all-round day. I really enjoyed the fishing and your guidance. Don’t forget to give me a call regards a day on the Wellow. All the best for now, Allan

Rowland Hughes

Dear Frank Thanks for a cracking day yesterday. You have taught me a lot and I’m enthused to keep going. I arrived on almost until dark and had a couple of bites but nothing more.

kind regards Rowland

Tim Owen

Frank Many, many thanks for a superb lesson yesterday morning. I’ve got the fly fishing bug big time and look forward to our next session – my potentially free days between now and the end of July are as follows: 10/11/12/13/20 july. Let me know if you can manage a session on the Monnow. In the meantime, I’d be grateful for that beginners’ shopping list to get me up and running as a fly fisherman. I’ve posted the Catch report
Best, Tim.

Tony Dowedswell

Frank, Thank you for a most informative and enjoyable day. I will be pleased to receive the casting tips discussed and any other updates on your future courses. In the meantime I have submitted the catch return.

Regards, Tony

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