We offer fly fishing lessons for all levels of fly angler

All the fly fishing lessons we provide are customised to the clients requirements but can be divided into three categories.

All of our fly fishing instruction can be paid for with one of the fly fishing gift vouchers we provide.

Fly fishing lessons

Fly fishing lessons or casting lessons can be given at a local small still water, Woolaston Court, or on one of the nearby rivers: Wye, Usk, Monnow and their tributaries. Alternatively, either casting or fly fishing lessons can be arranged at a place of your choice. All tuition is in planned and structured sessions and can cover some of following techniques:

  • Dry fly
  • Classic Upstream Nymph
  • North Country Spiders and Upstream Wets
  • Duo and Trio
  • Czech Nymphing
  • French Nymphing
  • Streamer fishing

Fly fishing lessons include watercraft, leader make-up, equipment selection and any specific casting techniques that are used. All the necessary equipment is supplied for our fly fishing lessons if required. To book your fly fishing lessons or for any further information on the lessons we provide please contact us

Fly Fishing for Beginners

Our fly fishing for beginners courses can be either a whole or half day. They greatly shorten the learning curve and give you a good foundation on which to build .
Why not book one of our Learn to Fly Fish Lessons? These are especially tailored half day fly fishing courses designed with the complete beginner in mind. All equipment is provided and lessons are usually held at a small lake that is very suitable for beginners. If you would specifically like to take this lesson on the river though, then this can be arranged on the Usk, Monnow, Wye or, alternatively, on one of the numerous stillwaters in the area. The main thrust of the coaching session is to familiarize the beginner with the equipment used for fly fishing.

Some of the subjects we would cover are;

  • Basic set up of rod and line
  • Roll cast
  • Overhead cast
  • Basic leader set up
  • What are flies?
  • What flies to use and how to use them

Contact us today to book your fly fishing for beginners course.

Fly Casting Lessons

If you want to improve your fly casting technique I can provide a course tailored to suit your requirements, from a three hour session to a complete course. Casting techniques that I can teach are :

  • Roll cast
  • Overhead cast
  • The haul and double haul
  • Dealing with wind safely
  • Changing direction while casting
  • Mending and presentation casts
  • Spey casting with a single handed rod
  • Distance casting techniques

Casting tuition could also be combined with fly fishing lessons covering different techniques for catching trout and grayling as part of a day or course to help you develop your fly fishing skills.

There are so many tricks and skills a fly angler can have in their armoury above and beyond the basic roll and overhead cast. Some of these deal with problems such as wind and trees, some are techniques to improve distance and presentation.

So, if you want to learn to cast, improve your style or enlarge your bag of tricks, get in touch with a fly casting instructor today.

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