River fly fishing course

Improve Your Fly Fishing on Rivers and Streams

Only ever fished on lakes and ponds but want to try your hand at river fishing?

Done a little fishing but would like to gain more knowledge and experience on moving water? 

This course is for you if you already have a little experience (not much is necessary) and would like to improve your skills and increase your catch rate on rivers or if you are an experienced still water angler looking to improve your river fishing skills.

We have deliberately scheduled this course to run in the height of summer when the fishing is often tricky due to the bright and warm days so that you can be shown the skills to catch trout even in these testing conditions.

During the three days of the course we will cover: fishing the Duo/NZ Style (a highly sensitive method of fishing both a dry fly and a nymph on the same leader), short line nymphing and reading the river as well as general skills such as: casting, bite detection and striking, fly selection and entomology. We will also provide each angler with specialist nymphing leaders. Here is a video of Frank fishing the duo to great success.


Day one

Techniques to be covered:

  • Duo/ NZ style casting, a chance to warm up on the lawn and iron out any little faults.
  • Leader set-up for duo fishing.
  • Fly selection and entomology.
  • Rivercraft and using the duo in different situations.
  • Fishing time, an opportunity to practise and hopefully catch a fish or two and some 1-1 time with the instructor.

Day two

Techniques to be covered:

  • Nymph fishing, Czech and French Nymphing.
  • Leader set-ups for nymph fishing.
  • Casting: how to cast heavy nymphs and long leaders.
  • Nymph selection.
  • River craft and nymphing in different situations.
  • Fishing time, again an opportunity to practise and have some valuable 1-1 time with the instructor.

Day three

  • Recap on days one and two.
  • Adapting the leader for dry fly fishing.
  • Fishing time, perfecting your new techniques and answering of any last questions.

Course Dates and Costs

(GI1) 28-30 June 2013

(GI2) 12-14 August 2013

The cost for the course is £275 which includes refreshments and lunch but NOT B&B. This leaves you free to choose what type of room you would like to stay in. We suggest you arrive the evening before the course so that you are ready to start at 10am the next day. Courses are open to a maximum of two non-residents. There will be no more than six people on each course.

Still unsure if this is for you? Come and meet me and visit Gliffaes before you commit.  I will be running two open days at the hotel in April when I can answer any questions you may have about these courses. Details can be found here.

Full payment for the course is required on booking and no refund will be given on cancellation unless we can re-sell your place on the course. Gliffaes reserves the right to cancel the course if there is not sufficient interest or conditions prevent fishing. A full refund will be given in these instances. Courses are open to a maximum of two non-residents. There will be no more than six people on each course.

What equipment should I bring for this course?

  • Hat and polarised glasses.
  • 8 1/2 or 9ft  4 or 5 weight rod.
  • Line clippers / scissors / nail clippers.
  • A selection of 9 and 12ft tapered leaders with a 5x and 6x point.
  • Chest waders (these are essential to get the best out of the fishing)
  • A wading staff if you use one.
  • Dry fly floatant .
  • Degreaser:  Leader sink/fullers earth paste/mud.
  • Net for landing fish.
  • Selection of dry flies.
  • A few highly buoyant dry flies such as the indicator klinkhammer.
  • Selection of tungsten bead headed nymphs.
  • Waterproof jacket.
  • Sweater or fleece.
  • Small rucksack or fishing vest.

Ready to book or have a question? Please call Gliffaes on 01874 730 371 or send them a message.

Unsure where to buy these flies or the equipment? Give me a call or check out Guide’s Choice Fly Fishing Tackle. I carry a stock of all this and can bring it to you at the start of the course.

Telephone: 01594 541 229 mobile 07824 363 376 

or, alternatively, drop me an email

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